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Who we serve



Expected Loss

Serious – fatal prenatal diagnosis found in an unborn baby (ies):


Trisomy 13 or 18 

conjoined twins



Other Expected or Unexpected Complications during Pregnancy


low amniotic fluid levels

placenta problems




Unexpected Losses

Normal pregnancies ending in babies’ deaths from any cause:


fetal demise





Infants dying at home:





acquired illnesses

later diagnosed disorders



Maternal Disorders

Pregnant women with healthy babies but mother herself has cancer, an organ transplant, or other serious conditions where both lives are at risk.



If your particular situation is not mentioned or you have any questions or concerns, please call. We are very likely able to help in total or in some measure.

How We Fit into Your Care:


You will find teams of highly trained physicians, nurses, midwives, social workers and other support staff who are indispensable in providing you and your baby the professional care you need. 


In these unusual circumstances, however, non-medical needs will emerge that affect the whole family. As your companions, we help you and your circle of family and friends in finding solutions, not just for mom and baby, but for all who share this common concern. 


We are a volunteer community to help you on this journey, each of us, strangers at first, but having more in common than imaginable. At times we,  too,  felt alone, vulnerable and needing answers where there seemed to be none. We hope to make your experience easier and to help you to find meaning in it all.


What Does It Cost


All our services are free, we do not actively participate in fundraising activities, and we do not accept contributions from parents. Thus, there are no obstacles to anyone receiving our care.


Do We Need a Doctor’s Referral?


No. Self-referrals are welcome and anyone can refer others to us. Simply call us 816-931-2539 or send an email.


Even though we are located in the heart of America, we have served babies and families around the world. Do not let location hinder you in reaching out for help. It is always our privilege to serve.


All personal face -to- face meetings must be prearranged and scheduled. Thank you.

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