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Ways You Can Help 

The following are just a few of the many ways you can participate in the
efforts of Alexandra’s House:  Prayer, interfaith advisors, professional

services, knitting or sewing special items such as little palls, and stamps. Breastmilk donations are accepted at the KU Health System(link).



Send us a message to be added to our prayer list.


Please Join Us

Alexandra’s House does not charge for its services, does not actively
fundraise, nor accept monetary contributi
ons from its parents. Our calling is to serve for love alone and to simply trust that our needs will be met. Our
small staff freely chooses modest incomes
so the bulk of every dollar is
used for the needs of families and general operating costs. Individuals,
groups, churches, family foundations, companies, and others who feel
compelled to help are the primary financial support of Alexandra’s House.
In addition to financial support, there are other ways to serve. Please
review our list of services and programs, and join our community in serving
the most vulnerable among us, our beloved little babies.













Electronic Giving


To give by PayPal, click the button below. Donations are tax

deductible.  Missouri Tax credits are also available for single or cumulative contributions of $100 or more.




Contact Us
Alexandra's House 

638 West 39th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: 816-931-ALEX (2539)

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