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Our website is a memorial to baby Chase Hutton Ware. We thank the friends and family of his beloved Mommy and Daddy, Briday and David, for this gift. It is dedicated to all our babies and their families; those whom we have already had the privilege of serving and those who will come to us in the future.

A Special Day in Heaven


–Author Unknown

One special day in Heaven up above,
The tiniest souls sat at God’s feet, surrounded by his love.
The time was coming very soon, God said, do not be scared.
Your family awaits your arrival, now let us get prepared.

And so God looked upon these souls, in mute consideration.
He knew the life each one would live, He weighed each situation.
The souls chatted amongst themselves, and wondered who they’d be. They knew the day grew closer; soon, they’d meet their family.

How would you like to change the world? God asked each soul in fun. The chance to change a soul, a heart, is held by only one.
I’m going to make the world laugh, one soul said with a smile,
for laughter heals a broken heart, and helps us through each trial. Then take with you the brightest smile, and share your laughter well. The soul thanked God immensely, and down to earth he fell.

And I’ll remind the world to sing, a sweet little soul told the Lord.
I have the gift of a beautiful voice; I can hit every note and every chord.
You’ll have the gift of music then, a voice, lovely and strong.
Share your gift with others, and let them hear your song.

I will show compassion, the next little soul raised her hand.
Some people only need a friend, someone to understand.
Compassion is a good thing, God said with much delight.

To you, I will give mercy. You’ll perceive wrong from right.
And so each soul shared every thought, their plans, their hopes, their dreams.
And God explained that life, it is, much harder than it seems.

And as each soul began to leave in a scurry of laughter and fun. Heaven became quiet and still, for left was only one.
Come sit with me my little child, God said with just a sigh.
Do you know how many you will touch, in a world left wondering why?
Before your life comes to an end, you will know much strife,
but you’ll teach those who know you, to cherish the smallest things in life.
And some may only know you through a simple photograph,
they’ll never hold you in their arms, or memorize your laugh.
Some may only know you, through the words they read each day,
but you’ll do something wonderful, you’ll make them stop and pray.
The tiniest soul raised his head up, to touch God’s firm, strong hand.

Father, I am ready, for the life that you have planned.
And I will do the best I can without a word or deed.
For you Lord, are the planter, and I will be your seed.
He could already hear many praying, and although they had not seen his face,
they were praying for his safe arrival, they were asking for mercy and grace.
What talent do I leave with Lord? What gift do you impart?
All that you will need, God said, I’ve placed within your heart.
And so God kissed this tiny child, knowing all that he would be,
and whispered as he watched him go…You’ll teach them…to love me.

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