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Grief and Healing Resources

Second Saturdays -Group Support Meetings

These gatherings are held the second Saturday of each month, except December, when we hold our annual Family Reunion. The group meets from 10:00 - 11:30 AM at Alexandra's House.  These are peer led gatherings for sharing stories and socializing. It includes support for grandparents and extended families as well as resources for siblings. Verbally sharing common experiences, memories, photographs, and other details are incredibly meaningful. We all know that you never “get over” the loss of a child, but the pain and agony does get better. There is hope for the future., Each session is hosted by a parent or a couple who have experienced the death of a baby.

Peer Support

Matches are made based on commonalities between individuals, such as how many children they have, a common diagnosis, faith preference or not, and a myriad of other factors

Grief and Mourning 

There are opportunities for 1:1 private conversations or peer group support meetings, small group or private retreats, and more, alone or in any combination of services one chooses. There is no time limit on our services. We embrace our families for life but allow each person to set their own preferences for their degree of involvement.

Swaddling Clothes

Provides burial clothing, a blanket and toy for any baby in need.

Wee Care Packages

Gift boxes are packed by our parents and delivered, all free, to area hospitals. These are then distributed to those who experience unexpected losses of a baby at birth. They contain little keepsake and comfort items for parents and hopefully, provide a bit of light in an otherwise dark moment.

Hope >Fear

Pregnancy planning and support during that fearful yet hopeful time of a subsequent pregnancy after past loss(es).

A Piece Of My Heart

An invitation to anyone whose lost a baby from any cause, at any time, especially decades ago, who never had the chance to acknowledge and fully grieve their loss, to come to Alexandra’s House to visit, heal, and help others. This includes 1:1 peer mentoring at any phase of a loss.

In His Image

We will pay for a 4D sonogram for families with a serious prenatal diagnosis and who have entered into our care. This is performed at a specialized imaging center with trained sonographers.

Memorial Planning

Having to make phone calls to plan a memorial service or to cremate or bury a baby is a grueling experience no family suffering a recent loss should have to endure.

If you’d like, we will make those difficult calls for you, gather the information you need, and present options to you personally. 

Treasure Chests

Little burial vessels for early losses with a built-in vault

Caden's Cubs

This program is founded and led by Brandon and Lindsey Carlson in honor of their son Caden. It provides a fun, memory-making opportunity at a Build-a-Bear workshop, where siblings can create their own snuggly toy. Gifts are limited to families referred by Alexandra’s House.

Project Fun-With the Courter Girls

This program was founded by Bob and Staci Courter in honor of their little girls, Mallory Hope and Julia Faith. They provide funds for families to create new and happier memories after a loss with special outings. Each request is evaluated by Alexandra’s House based upon program guidelines.

Alexandra’s Family Reunion, Celebration of Life

An annual party usually held on the second Saturday of each December. It is a way to honor Alexandra’s legacy and the legacies of all our special babies. It provides parents and children with an opportunity to come together in this special season, have fun, and make everlasting memories. (Pssss…. Santa comes too!) Specific details posted annually in the fall.

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